Ski Equipment Hire

  • 23/04/2017.....Farewell 2016-17!

    After a spectacular start to the winter season which effectively guaranteed the whole season ahead, Sierra Nevada will be closing the lifts down for this year as of 3pm this afternoon. The Winter Season of 2016-17 has officially been declared as the most successful campaign in recent years contributed initially by the fantastic snowcover received at the beginning of season, the consistently superior piste maintenance work and a natural influx in ski visitors. With the end of season due to finish next Sunday 30th, the decision to close early has been one of great consideration and due to basic safety concerns with the unusually high temperatures and lack of precipitation for the time of year, the resort management company have assessed the impossibility to maintain the slopes in adequate conditions for another week. We sincerely thank all our clients and anyone else who has benefited from our services this season and wish you all a very happy summer!

Ski Equipment Hire

riosportlogIntersport Rio Sport has two shops in the Sierra Nevada ski resort.

Their main rental store is located in the Plaza de Andalucía, close to the Al-Andalus Gondola entrance, and their other is located in Plaza de Pradollano, near the Parador chairlift. Here is not only the latest equipment, but the management staff pride themselves on keeping it regularly maintained whilst offering a professional service.


Intersport Rio Sport - Base for the British Ski Center

They have professional and knowledgable staff to help you to make the right choice both for renting and buying ski and snowboard equipment.

The rental rates are competitive with all other major collaborating equipment hire establishments, and if you don't mind spending a little extra they have many of the latest ski and snowboard models available for testing.

The British Ski Center operates out of their lower shop by the Al-Andalus gondola, catering for all English speaking tuition requirements. The shop here opens from 08.30-20.00 daily.

Discounted Equipment Hire*

Contact the British Ski Center when reserving your tuition with brief details on the equipment you will be renting and we will email you a 10% or 15% discount voucher (depending on how many of you will be renting) to be applied to the shops advertised in-resort rental rates**. The rates below are correct as from the start of the winter season and may be subjected to modification by the shop management at any point. We hold no influence whatsoever with any changes that may be made.

Intersport Rio Sport offer a wide range of equipment options for sale and rent

*Equipment will not be set aside for collection upon arrival!

**Discounts apply for all season periods and subject entirely on availability of equipment at the time of rental.

If you are travelling in high-season periods, (including February half term) we recommend you obtain your equipment the evening before your first day skiing, (preferably after 6pm), as this will save time from the morning queues as well as potential disappointment with stock becoming limited!

Discounts are honoured subject to availability at the time of rental. The owners of Rio Sport are in-part Australian and hence English speaking is not a problem. Most of the staff are English speaking and are all trained in equipment hire, fittings and sale of equipment and quality ski clothing. Equipment is available for adults and children alike.

Equipment Hire Rates for 2015/16 are as follows* (Euros):

Equipment Options 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days Ski Storage (per night)
Adult Skis, Boots & Poles - PREMIUM 25,00 43,00 53,00 63,00 70,00 77,00 84,00 3,00
Adult Skis, Boots & Poles - EXECUTIVE 34,00 56,00 71,00 86,00 96,00 106,00 116,00 FREE
Adult Skis, Boots & Poles - PLATINUM 40,00 67,00 87,00 107,00 122,00 137,00 152,00 FREE
Adult Skis & Poles Only - PREMIUM 19,00 33,00 43,00 53,00 60,00 67,00 74,00 3,00
Adult Skis & Poles Only - EXECUTIVE 31,00 53,00 68,00 83,00 93,00 103,00 113,00 FREE
Adult Skis & Poles Only - PLATINUM 37,00 64,00 84,00 104,00 119,00 134,00 149,00 FREE
Child Skis, Boots & Poles - STANDARD 18,00 28,00 38,00 48,00 53,00 58,00 63,00 3,00
Child Skis & Poles Only - CARVING 14,00 24,00 34,00 44,00 49,00 54,00 59,00 3,00
Adult Snowboard & Boots 27,00 46,00 56,00 66,00 76,00 81,00 86,00  
Child Snowboard & Boots 20,00 35,00 45,00 55,00 60,00 65,00 70,00
Adult Snowboard Only 19,00 33,00 43,00 53,00 60,00 67,00 74,00
Child Snowboard Only 16,00 26,00 33,00 40,00 45,00 50,00 55,00
Snowblade & Boots 23,00 39,00 49,00 59,00 64,00 69,00 74,00 3,00
Snowblade Only 17,00 28,00 37,00 46,00 51,00 55,00 59,00 3,00
Adult Boots Only (Ski or Snowboard) 16,00 27,00 36,00 45,00 49,00 53,00 57,00  
Child Boots Only (Ski or Snowboard) 10,00 17,00 24,00 29,00 32,00 35,00 38,00
Poles Only 8,00 13,00 18,00 21,00 23,00 26,00 28,00  
Helmets 6,00 11,00 16,00 21,00 26,00 31,00 36,00
Ski Pants 14,00 24,00 34,00 39,00 44,00 49,00 54,00


Premium - Standard mid-range all-round ski, mostly newly purchased or no more than 1 season of use.
Executive - Top range skis from the previous ski season
Platinum - Top range skis from the current ski season

*subject to modification at any point by Intersport Rio Sport

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